About VetsGrade®

We're more than just a brand with one-of-a-kind products and services. VetsGrade® is on a mission to better every animals quality of life by providing the world easy access to CVT & DVM-approved Organic Pure Solventless Full Spectrum Hemp products, widespread education, and verified consumer testimonials. 

Who Are We?

VetsGrade® was born out of the desire to help to improve the daily nutrition and quality of life for all animals. Since 2017 we have been pioneering whole animal wellness with our one-of-a-kind all organic natural pet products that contain absolutely NO harmful chemicals or synthetic preservatives.

We've teamed up with Pet Care Professionals and Formulary Scientists in developing truly effective and safe products that can help enhance the overall health of your pet or working animal. 

Every product was created around the idea of prevention and correction. Our REAL Full Spectrum Solventless Hemp Infused Pet Products and Organic Supplements are the true essence of what a Hemp Pet Product should be. Each line is easy to incorporate into your pet’s daily routine to help promote a more nutritional well-balanced diet, because healthy and happy pets = happy vets! 

What makes us Best-In-Class...

99% of Hemp Products on the market are made with some form of chemical extraction process and rendered "Solvent-FREE" with non-detectable levels of residual solvent. Solventless and Solvent-FREE are not  the same. Solventless means NO solvents were used to extract the native phytomolecules, cannabinoids, and terpenes. This method essentially creates an extract in its purest native form.

Utilizing only heat, pressure, and mechanical separation techniques packs ALL of our Solventless Full Spectrum CBD Products with a litany of phytomolecules along with other minor cannabinoids & naturally occurring terpenes that are simply not found in any competitors product in the marketplace!

Due diligence, peace of mind, and only the highest quality offerings are our guarantee. That is of course in addition to our 30-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.