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After countless veterinary visits the founder of VetsGrade® took it upon himself to find a solution to improve his beloved pets’ day to day wellness. Bosco, an American Pitbull Terrier; from an early age has struggled with all types of seasonal skin allergies. These environmental irritants would have him break out into hives, sometimes painful looking ulcers would form on his paws affecting the way he would walk and run on the grass. Other times Bosco would endure inflamed skin that would have him itching literally for relief.  Forcing the founder of VetsGrade® to really dig deep and start researching ways to help alleviate his pet’s discomfort naturally and ultimately prevent recurrences.

VetsGrade® was born out of the desire to help improve the ability for everyday pet-parents around the world to truly have accesses to 100% all organic natural pet products that contain no harmful chemicals and preservatives. There are countless pet products that say all natural but then have harmful preservatives such as sodium benzoate in them. Therefore, VetsGrade®'s founder teamed up with scientists to help develop these formulations that will help enhance the health of your pet. Careful attention has gone into every scientific formulation to ensure the cleanliness and effectiveness of every natural ingredient used. Every product was created around the idea of prevention and correction. Our Full Spectrum  Solventless Hemp Infused Pet Supplements can easily be added to your pet’s food to help promote a more nutritional well-balanced meal; regardless if you feed your pet dry kibble or have them on a raw diet.

Other 100% organic formulations have been created to deal with dermatologic problems and their underlying triggers. For example, dermatitis in cats and dogs. Full Spectrum CBD oil has been known to be effective at reducing inflammation in the endocrine system of humans and pets. Think of Full Spectrum Solventless Hemp Oil as a super-food compound with many beneficial health promoting properties. Our cultivar specific extracts contain cannabinoids and terpenes not found in competitor products that are made with broad spectrum distillates or isolates. This method essentially creates an extract in its purest native form. Hemp Derived CBD has helped Bosco age more gracefully and the team at VetsGrade® wish is the same for your pet. The multi-properties that Full Spectrum Solventless CBD Oil contains is a powerful addition to your furry one’s nutrition.  We know by improving your pet’s quality of life, we in turn are helping you say goodbye to sleepless nights and anxious veterinary visits.  


VetsGrade® Lab Testing Results


VetsGrade® - LAB RESULTS


All VetsGrade® Hemp Infused Pet Supplements are batch tested for Phytomolecule and Cannabinoid Potency, Dosage Consistency, & Microbial and Pesticide Contamination.