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Who are we?

When shopping for pet supplies, your pet’s mental and physical well-being should be the last thing you want to worry about. That is why quality, transparency, and integrity above all else is engrained in our culture’s DNA at VetsGrade®. Our team is hyper-focused on creating the highest quality organic pet supplements and Hemp Infused pet products at a price anyone can afford! There are many options available for pet owners, however, there are many products that are not organic, under-dosed and expensive with little or no evidence of what is actually in them. VetsGrade® pet products use solvent free all organic input products and our cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted via Cryo-ethanol (the cleanest extraction method). Then it is molecularly separated to absolute purity. This process is done to create a clean, consistent, native spectrum industrial hemp derived Extract. All other ingredients used in VetsGrade® formulations are all sourced sustainably organic. We also hold ourselves to the highest of standards. Therefore, third party testing from an ISO-17025 accredited lab is standard for each batch and every pet supplement we scientifically formulate. As you can see, we take pet care very seriously.